Trusted Partnerships

Gloria International Ltd. was established in 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The primary activities of the company are import, export and distribution of wide range of pharmaceuticals, food supplements, sanitation and hygiene products, dental products.

Gloria International Ltd. is a licensed wholesale dealer and owns a full license for trading, storing and keeping pharmaceuticals, medical goods, dental products by the company’s storage bases in the country, issued by the Bulgarian Drug Agency, as well as a license for trading, storing, keeping food supplements, issued by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.



Each storage base is designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the national legislation, the Directives of the European Union and the Guidelines for good distribution practices. The conditions for conducting all activities, connected with the medical goods supply process, i.e. ordering and entering the stock into account, stock inventory management, documenting, product storage, final processing, sorting and packing, order processing and transportation to the client are optimized and completed by Standard Operating Procedures.



We rely on over 40 highly qualified, skilled and experienced specialists – pharmacists, managers, market analyzers, marketing experts, IT engineers, attorneys.

The company has created a wide net of distributors covering all the country. Our partners are pharmacies, distributors, dentists as well as large local and international companies.

Since its establishment, Gloria International Ltd. has constantly worked on establishing permanent business relations with leading Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers of pharmaceutical and dental products. The company is an official importer and distributor of many major pharmaceutical and dental local and manufacturers (locally, as well as internationally).



The company is able to offer a wide range of pharmaceuticals from all pharmaceutical groups, sanitation and hygiene materials, food supplements and herbal blends, as well as dental products.

Being a responsible participant in the dynamic development of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical and Dental markets, Gloria International Ltd. maintains steady relations with other structures and organizations connected to the pharmaceutical industry in Bulgaria.

The company strives to establish high quality services on the pharmaceutical and dental markets that meet the requirements for good distribution practices.

We believe that we can offer a professional, reliable and long-term partnership.

Our partners